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Renovate Your Home the Way You Want it

  We’ve all heard horror stories about home renovations. Often during a remodel, hidden problems surface and end up adding unexpected costs to the overall project. Many homeowners have to compromise on what they really want to fix complications they didn’t expect. At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we do our best to keep the project on time and on budget, even when unanticipated problems arise. We know how to handle these situations and still give you the home renovations you

Custom Home Framing

It’s common sense that a building needs a strong structure. Without it, anything else you try to add just doesn’t work or hold. When building your dream home, this concept is especially important. Wouldn’t you want the very best custom home framing to ensure stability and safety for your home? At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we pride ourselves on our reliability and attention to detail. We make every effort to do our best work and provide you with exactly what