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Home Additions – Great Way to Adjust to Your Lifestyle

As time goes on, life changes. Family, jobs, and so many other things change, and along with that, your needs in housing and space also change. For a growing family, a custom home addition is a great way to add the space and functionality you need. At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we have done several home addition projects, including second stories and basic residential additions. When working on a project, we will show you exactly what work will be

Custom Homes and Home Renovations

Are you contemplating building your custom home in Toronto or Uxbridge, Ontario? Whether from the ground up or changing and improving an existing home, at Timberidge Carpentry, we are here to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We are custom home builders with the know-how to complete a project from start to finish in the proper order, ensuring your dream house is completed on time and on budget. If your family has outgrown your Toronto or Uxbridge,

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements or Renovations of Any Size

Every renovation is different. From large kitchens to small bathrooms, you should always trust an experienced business like us at Timberidge Carpentry to handle the job. We are willing to take on any size renovation project and finish it efficiently and successfully. We can renovate one small room or an entire home with the same high quality. With any project, we make every effort to satisfy you entirely. In order for a home renovation to be exactly what you envision, it

House Demolition and Rebuilding

At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we have a wide range of skills and experience that span from the demolition of a house to the complete rebuilding of a house. These are vast projects that require professionals who know what they’re doing to successfully finish house demolition and rebuilding. Experienced contractors know what to expect in large projects and can more easily deal with problems that may arise. Because of the broad nature of house demolition and rebuilding services, we