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How to Get Your Teenagers to Stay Home: Basement Renovations!

When cuddly kiddos turn into too-cool-for-parents teenagers, it becomes harder to protect them from the harm that the world holds for them. How do you protect those teenagers, even as they hold you at arm’s length? The American General Surgeon recommends allowing your teenager space to grow in order to prevent underage drinking and other risky behaviours. Some of their suggestions are: Be involved in your teens’ lives. Be loving and caring. Encourage your teens’ growing independence, but set appropriate limits. Make it easy

Found Your Dream Home, but It’s Missing a Garage? Custom Framing Is the Answer!

Historic homes carry a sort of charm that can’t be matched by contemporary homes. They are in established neighbourhoods with beautiful, mature trees, and their architecture is from another era. Take a look at the detail on the exterior of this bungalow: It’s hard to pass up on original hard floors, the expansive deck, the trees, the wood siding, the built-in shelves, but . . . no garage? Garages secure your car and protect it from the elements. Nobody likes getting