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Have You Ever Watched a Custom Home Being Built?

Watching a custom home be built where once there was nothing but weeds is an amazing process. Imagine this: One morning you see an empty lot, but when you return a couple of hours later, a huge hole has been excavated. The backhoe and the skid steer excavate the earth to create space for a sturdy foundation. The work that once took labourers days now takes hours with machines in the right hands. Gradually, the custom home grows from the foundation

6 Tips for Finding a Contractor

Let’s face it — building a home or renovating the one you have is expensive. The last thing you want is an expensive mistake. Do it right the first time by hiring the right people who will get it done the way you want. Here are some tips for hiring a contractor: Do they stand behind their work? Most new home contractors provide a warranty for their work. Clarify beforehand what this warranty does and does not cover. Ask for