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Building on a Solid Foundation: What You Should Know About House Framing

House framing is often talked about, but rarely broken down into more understandable pieces. By definition, framing is the fitting together of pieces to give a building or structure shape and support. In a house framing, this is usually done with wood. Framing plays a critical part in the quality of the home, as the quality of the framing process will affect the installation of all the finishes. This includes cabinets, flooring, tile, whether the

Home Additions 101

It’s official: You’ve run out of space. Every nook and cranny has been used, and you still want more space. Fortunately, there’s space for you to make a home addition that will solve all your problems and add some extra house to your home. First, consider what the purpose and use of the space will be in your home addition. If used year-round, what considerations for insulation, plumbing, and electrical need to be planned for? Will an additional foundation need

Take the Stress Out of Kitchen Remodeling

How many hours do you spend drooling over images of new kitchens online? Pinterest has 70 million users with an average use of 98 minutes a month per user. That’s a lot of drooling over photos of food and our favourite place to make food: the kitchen. Is your kitchen is overcrowded, narrow, and dark? Turn to kitchen remodeling to bump out a wall, add some windows, and breathe new life into that sad space. Or, perhaps, you do you not share