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Making Your House a Home with Custom Home Framing

Building your own home provides you with many opportunities. The floor plan is distinctly yours, and it represents what you want and need in your home. Custom home framing is literally and figuratively the backbone of this type of project, and your new home needs a company that understands the unique needs of this type of project and of your soon-to-be home. Custom home framing from the right company will mean close attention is paid

Your Home Remodel: What You Need, What You Want, & What You Should Know

What you need: Your reason for remodeling. The ‘why’ to a project like this, regardless of its size, can help focus your attention, your time, and your money into getting the best results for you. Your goals for the home remodel. What do you most want to gain by remodeling? What do you most want to keep? What do you absolutely not want? These questions and others will help you determine your true needs as distinct from