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Taking Your Home Renovation to the Next Level

A home renovation is an opportunity for you and your home to find better harmony. Some of the changes made in a home renovation could include new appliances, new finishes, updates to utilities, and modifications to the floor plan. All of these improvements can make your home a place where you and your family want to be, without breaking the bank or your back. Depending on the style of your home, a remodel or addition will

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with Custom Home Construction

At Timberidge Carpentry, our core business is the start-to-finish custom framing and building of your home, new addition, or remodel. From planning and permitting the design to demolition of the prior structure, construction, framing, and whole-project management, we have the skills and the staff to keep your custom home construction on-time and on-budget. The process of building your dream home starts with considering your needs and the features you want in your new home. Once