6 Tips for Finding a Contractor

Let’s face it — building a home or renovating the one you have is expensive. The last thing you want is an expensive mistake. Do it right the first time by hiring the right people who will get it done the way you want. Here are some tips for hiring a contractor:

  1. Do they stand behind their work? Most new home contractors provide a warranty for their work. Clarify beforehand what this warranty does and does not cover. Ask for references from the company. If they are not willing to give you references, they may not be proud of their previous projects.
  2. How committed will they be to your plan and your desires? If you are doing a custom build or renovation, you need a contractor who will listen to what you want and design accordingly. When problems arise necessitating change, will the contractor consult you and allow you to make the decision about the new direction?
  3. Do they give you a quote in writing and clearly delineate costs? As the plan changes, they should also communicate new costs.
  4. Are they not only interested in saving you money during building, but also in helping you save money in the future? One way to do this is by building your home to be Energy Star and Tarion compliant.
  5. Are they aware of and take care of all necessary legal matters for your building project? This includes obtaining all necessary permits.
  6. Do they consult with engineers when planning your build or renovation? This insures that not only is your house well-built, but also well-engineered.

At Timberidge Carpentry, serving the Toronto and Uxbridge, Ontario areas, our contractors fit all these needs and more. Contact us today for a quote!

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