Custom Home Framing

It’s common sense that a building needs a strong structure. Without it, anything else you try to add just doesn’t work or hold. When building your dream home, this concept is especially important. Wouldn’t you want the very best custom home framing to ensure stability and safety for your home?

At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we pride ourselves on our reliability and attention to detail. We make every effort to do our best work and provide you with exactly what you want. When it comes to custom home framing and building, we make sure everything is done correctly and efficiently because we know how critical this step is. The framing of a building will affect several aspects of the structure, such as inside finishes and how well things like windows and cabinets fit with the walls and ceilings. This first step to building a home must be done correctly, or it will cause major problems with the rest of the building process.

Custom home framing is one of the main features of our business. We have extensive experience with framing and building for many projects, ranging from smaller-scale garages to complete custom homes. Our experience with custom framing has given us the knowledge of the best way to successfully finish projects that satisfy our clients, as well as provide the highest quality of work.

As a family business, we understand the importance of reliability and honesty in every project we work on. Let us help you make your dream home become a reality. Contact us today!

Registered Tarion Home Builder. Servicing Durham, York Regions and North Toronto.