Found Your Dream Home, but It’s Missing a Garage? Custom Framing Is the Answer!

Historic homes carry a sort of charm that can’t be matched by contemporary homes. They are in established neighbourhoods with beautiful, mature trees, and their architecture is from another era. Take a look at the detail on the exterior of this bungalow:

bungalow custom framing

It’s hard to pass up on original hard floors, the expansive deck, the trees, the wood siding, the built-in shelves, but . . . no garage? Garages secure your car and protect it from the elements. Nobody likes getting into a chilly car that has sat outside during a long, winter night. What kind of dream would you be living without the convenience of a garage?

Homes like the bungalow predate the prevalence of the two car garage. If you dream of an older home, but your spouse insists on having garage space, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Simply add a detached or attached garage with a custom framing job.

Some add-ons you could consider as part of a custom-framed garage that wouldn’t come with a pre-existing, standard garage include:

  • A sink to wash dirty hands after gardening or greasy hands from mechanical work. Your house would be free from those pesky dirt spots around your sink!
  • A hot water spigot to wash your car with warm water, getting your car extra clean without freezing your hands.
  • Custom shelves or surfaces built for exactly what you want to put on them—camping equipment, woodworking tools or a woodworking bench, potting bench, baby gear, food storage, etc.
  • Enough space to park one, two, or three, cars without hitting the doors on anything when you open the doors AND maybe space for that extra trailer or motorcycle.

And while you’re adding the garage, you can frame in some extra rooms for the craft room, office, exercise room, studio, or whatever room you are dreaming about. Creating your dream home from an older home is not out of reach; call us at Timberidge Carpentry, serving Toronto and Uxbridge, Ontario, to help you design, frame, and remodel your dream home with our custom framing services.

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