House Demolition and Rebuilding

At Timberidge Carpentry in Uxbridge, ON, we have a wide range of skills and experience that span from the demolition of a house to the complete rebuilding of a house. These are vast projects that require professionals who know what they’re doing to successfully finish house demolition and rebuilding. Experienced contractors know what to expect in large projects and can more easily deal with problems that may arise.

Because of the broad nature of house demolition and rebuilding services, we are committed and willing to stand behind our work from the very beginning to the very end. With the same team working on your project from start to finish, the outcome of the plan is bound to be better because everyone understands the whole plan.

Our subcontractors and engineers work with us to ensure that every part of your house demolition and rebuilding project is done correctly and safely. We make sure that any structural or temporary support is sound and accurate. As a team, we are very flexible and can deal efficiently with any difficulties that may come from house demolition or rebuilding.

You deserve the security that comes with trusting an experienced group such as ours to complete your house demolition and rebuilding project. Let our professionals take care of your large projects—contact us today for more information!

Registered Tarion Home Builder. Servicing Durham, York Regions and North Toronto.