Have You Ever Watched a Custom Home Being Built?

custom home being builtWatching a custom home be built where once there was nothing but weeds is an amazing process.

Imagine this: One morning you see an empty lot, but when you return a couple of hours later, a huge hole has been excavated. The backhoe and the skid steer excavate the earth to create space for a sturdy foundation. The work that once took labourers days now takes hours with machines in the right hands.

Gradually, the custom home grows from the foundation up: framing, plywood sheathing, roof, windows. The inside details start coming together, and you can see rooms forming and imagine who will be doing what, where. Then the exterior finishing touches are applied and the home comes alive with paint, stucco, siding, or the stone of choice. Even the same house plan can be given an incredibly different feel by customizing the outside finishes to meet exactly your personality and what you want from your home.

With a qualified contractor, this process can go very quickly. For example, in a neighbourhood being developed, two different construction companies may break ground at about the same time. Five weeks later, one house has its exterior completed, windows in, HVAC system installed, and wiring begun. But at the second, the cement trucks and cement pump truck are just starting the foundation today.

If you want to have the experience of seeing your own personal, custom home built by competent, reliable contractors, call us at Timberidge Carpentry. We will set all the appointments before construction happens so it all happens quickly, one thing after the other. We serve the Toronto and Uxbridge, Ontario area.

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