House Demolition & Rebuilding Service

There are times when a house just gets too old to feasibly modernize with renovations, yet the property is ideal. There may be other problems with the house, as well, including structural issues or poor workmanship. If you own a property like that, or perhaps have found one to purchase, the best solution may be house demolition & rebuilding.

There are many beautiful properties in the Toronto, ON area that have homes that have seen better days. Sometimes, a gorgeous view is just too precious to walk away from. Building a new home is an ideal way to ensure you get all the features you want, making house demolition & rebuilding the best course of action in this situation.

House demolition & rebuilding can actually take less time that a major renovation would in many cases. This means your inconvenience is shortened, although you would need to make other housing arrangements during the process. The key is to work with a contractor who is experienced with house demolition & rebuilding and can give you a definitive time table and budget.

Do you want a larger home? Would you like your home to face a different way on your property? Do you desire a more modern home with all the wonderful new popular features? House demolition & rebuilding can provide all that and more. Give us a call at Timberidge Carpentry. We will provide you with a comprehensive quote in writing that clearly defines all the details, budgets, terms and time frame for the completion of your house demolition & rebuilding project. On time. On budget.

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