How to Get Your Teenagers to Stay Home: Basement Renovations!

When cuddly kiddos turn into too-cool-for-parents teenagers, it becomes harder to protect them from the harm that the world holds for them. How do you protect those teenagers, even as they hold you at arm’s length?

The American General Surgeon recommends allowing your teenager space to grow in order to prevent underage drinking and other risky behaviours. Some of their suggestions are:

  • Be involved in your teens’ lives. Be loving and caring.
  • Encourage your teens’ growing independence, but set appropriate limits.
  • Make it easy for your teens to share information about their lives.
  • Know where your teens are, what they’re doing, who they’re with, and who their friends are.
  • Find ways for your teens to be involved in family life, such as by doing chores or caring for a younger brother or sister.
  • Set clear rules, including rules about alcohol use. Enforce the rules you set.
  • Help your teens find ways to have fun without alcohol.
  • Don’t let your teens attend parties where alcohol is served. Make sure alcohol isn’t available at teen parties in your own home.
  • Help your teens avoid dangerous situations such as riding in a car driven by someone who has been drinking.
  • Help your teens get professional help if you’re worried about their involvement with alcohol

awesome basement renovation for teensCreating an actual physical place in your home where your teenagers can have their own space but where you know what they are doing is a great idea. How can you accomplish this? Basement renovations!

Creating a space for them shows that you care about them. Involve them in the basement renovations process. Ask them what they want; it will help them feel like an adult to be listened to and trusted. If they are invested in the outcome, they will want to use the space you remodel.  Take that storage basement and remodel it into something positive for your family, a place for your children to be with their friends in a safe environment.

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