Take the Stress Out of Kitchen Remodeling

How many hours do you spend drooling over images of new kitchens online? Pinterest has 70 million users with an average use of 98 minutes a month per user. That’s a lot of drooling over photos of food and our favourite place to make food: the kitchen.

before kitchen remodeling

Is your kitchen is overcrowded, narrow, and dark? Turn to kitchen remodeling to bump out a wall, add some windows, and breathe new life into that sad space.

this kitchen needs remodeling

Or, perhaps, you do you not share the previous owner’s tastes. Start some kitchen remodeling and update those cabinets! While you’re at it, give yourself more counter space and room to open the fridge by expanding the kitchen with a custom framing job.

Choosing what your kitchen will look like is fun. Choosing paint colours is fun. But trying to enlarge and frame a new area on your own and ending up with crooked door frames and skewed cabinets is not fun. Trust our kitchen remodeling professionals to do it right! Call us at Timberidge Carpentry, serving the Toronto and Uxbridge, Ontario area, to give you a sturdy and reliable remodel, leaving you just the fun of kitchen remodeling to think about.

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