The A to Z list of remodeling

Add value to your home by building for your neighborhood.

Budget realistically. Make sure to factor in labor costs.

Contractors are there to use their expertise and skills to save you time and hassle in every step of your project.

Doorways should allow for the likely traffic and have proper width and height.

Electrical systems should be upgraded during a remodel, both for code and for safety.

Fixtures in small bathrooms should be of appropriate dimensions. Bigger here is not better.

Green materials are a future investment in your home. Often, they cost no more than non-green materials.

Homework should be done in advance to improve your overall plan and reduce costly mistakes.

Inferior materials will affect the result of your work and its longevity.

Join what you want with what you already have. Don’t ignore your home’s innate style and charm.

Know your limits. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Lighting is an important feature in any room. This is the feature most often left out of remodeling calculations and can change the entire perception of the room.

Measure twice and measure accurately, or risk your finishes and minor details not quite being up to par.

Never attempt to adjust or fix anything electrical without first turning off the circuit in question.

Overages due to weather, materials or labor during remodeling should be factored in when budgeting.

Paint should be chosen for the correct surface. Different types of paint will have different indicated uses for best results.

Quality materials should be stored in a cool, dry place if not being used shortly.

Remember to do your prep work. It’ll save you time in the long run.

Safety first.

Trendy designs are often the most temporary. Plan for the long term.

Use the right tool for the right job.

Verify your measurements before cutting trim pieces.

Windows are often an overlooked expense in your planning.

Xerox the plans for the remodel, if architectural plans are drawn up, so that anyone on-site has a copy nearby. A professionally prepared plan will solve most miscommunication issues and errors.

You must have an excellent idea of what you want. Make sure you work with the professionals you hire in order to have your vision communicated effectively and your budget set before work begins.

Zoning laws and permits should be filed for in advance of any actual work. Otherwise, homeowner’s insurance may not cover claims from remodeling.


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