Custom cottages

We build custom cottages all over Ontario. Imagine being able to take off to your custom cottage whenever you wanted.

If this has been a dream of yours for several years, but you’re not sure how to make it happen, reach out to us at Timberidge Carpentry. We build custom cottages in Muskoka, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and surrounding areas of Northern Ontario and can help you build the custom cottage you’ve always envisioned.

When you decide to build a custom cottage, we realize that it can be easy to get carried away with your plans out of excitement and anticipation. For this reason, we encourage you to sit down and determine exactly what features are needs and which ones are wants. This will also help our team as we develop building plans for your custom cottage.

Many of our clients not only use their custom cottages for their own use, but also rent them out to others looking for a relaxing vacation in the country. If you plan to use your custom cottage as an investment property, we urge you to consider which features a renter might want to see in the cottage they rent. However, this doesn’t mean that your cottage can’t reflect your own personal style, too.

If you’d like to see examples of some of the custom cottages we’ve built or find out more about why you should let our team manage your building project, give us a call at Timberidge Carpentry today. As a construction company with extensive experience, we are confident that you will be more than happy working with us.