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Completed Projects

Complete Custom Home Renovation Project - Mill Street

The Mill Street project comes to a close.Timberidge Carpentry started this project in March and the clients moved in by mid August. An existing home was demolished, removed and a new 2600 square foot custom home built on the site. See the results.If you need a custom home builder for you project, give Timberidge a call today. You will not be disappointed.
Posted On: 2019-09-05

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On-going Projects

New Bungalow in Orillia

Update: Aug 21 2019The Orillia project is moving along very well. Started on July 9th and the exterior is now finished and the drywall is up, taped and sanded ready for finishing. If you are interested in building your own custom home, give Timberidge a call today. It does not have to be a huge footprint, but designing your own home lets you have it exactly the way you want it. We are happy to handle smaller projects and give them the same attention as the bigger ones.Project started: July 2019Our latest project, a new bungalow in Orillia for an Uxbridge client. This one went up very fast, backfilled the foundation on Tuesday July 9th and we are ready for shingles Thursday July 11th. Everything going very well. Excellent work by a local excavator who made our life easy.[Gallery name="new-bungalow-in-orillia"]
Posted On: 2019-07-17

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Large century home renovation in Maple Street - Uxbridge

Update Aug 21 2019:The large addition/renovation on Maple Street is nearing completion. The kitchen cabinets and the custom cabinets are in and we are just waiting on the countertops. The exterior stucco looks great and the combination of the dark stucco, black windows and black soffit makes the home really stand out. If you are considering a major renovation, addition or new build, feel free to give Timberidge a call today. We can walk you through the entire process and handle all the details from plans to handing over the keys. We make the process transparent and seamless.Update July 15 2019:The house on Maple is really moving along, all the interior services are now complete, spray foaming the exterior walls while the stucco is done on the outside. Detailed and cleaned up the front brick and added the porch overhang. This will be a beautiful fully restored Century home in Uxbridge with a massive (double, deep) lot.If you are thinking about your next new home or addition, keep Timberidge in mind. We would be delighted to help you realize your dreams and build that custom home or renovate your current home.Update June 13 2019:The addition/renovation on Maple Street is almost closed in, most of the framing is done for the addition and existing home. We will be starting the garage shortly and interior services are scheduled to start. See the transformation on this century home and just imagine what you could do with your next project.Update June 04 2019:The large addition on the century home is coming along well. The main addition is almost framed, hand cut and shed roof completed. The interior has been completely gutted with new floors and stud walls framed. We will be starting on the garage soon.Update May 21 2019:The home is now gutted with the interior re-framed. The footings and foundation are well underway. The house should be re-framed with the new addition and garage by the end of May.May 07 2019:Our latest project on Maple Street in Uxbridge. Large century home, removed the rear addition, gutted the inside and will be adding a new addition with garage and complete refinish of the main house. Keep watching for more details as we move forward.[Gallery name="large-century-home-renovation-in-maple-street"]
Posted On: 2019-05-07

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Second Storey Master Bedroom & En-suite Above Garage

The Markham project is coming along well. The Pella windows are installed, the black colour adds a nice contrast. The stucco is starting and the drywall will be started this week. Interior finishes will be starting shortly. Note the interior spray foam insulation. Timberidge spray foams all jobs, it provides a superior seal on any home or addition.Timberidge carpentry’s latest project in Markham, removing the roof above the garage and adding a 2nd storey with master bedroom and en-suite.See the additional gable over the existing master bedroom which balances the front of the home. Due to the finished basement, Timberidge carpentry will be using radiant floor heating with a boiler system for the heat source.The project was started on Nov 12th 2018, all the demolition is completed, framed, roofing done, eyebrow built and starting on the inside.Give Timberidge carpentry a call today if you would like to make some changes to your home and add some additional living space.[Gallery name="second-storey-master-bedroom-and-en-suite-above-garage"]
Posted On: 2018-12-11

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Addition: New Master Bedroom Above Garage

This is a Timberidge project in Markham, removing the roof from an attached garage and adding a second storey for a master bedroom, walk in closet and ensuite.Some challenges due to the existing construction and the weather (see the tarp on the roof). The end result is very nice and no additional footprint is required, so this type of work can be done on any existing structure.Timberidge can remove the roof from an entire house and add a second storey.Timberidge is a Registered Tarion Home Builder and can help you make custom addition to your existing home. Call us today.[Gallery name="new-master-bedroom-above-garage"]
Posted On: 2018-12-03

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