Read our customer testimonials to learn more about our custom construction & remodelling work in the GTA and surrounding areas in Ontario.

We think our excellent service speaks for itself, but why take our word for it? Read testimonials below from our previous clients to learn more about our custom home building and remodelling work in the GTA and surrounding areas in Ontario.

Patience, Honesty, Knowledge and Quality are the cornerstones of Timberidge Carpentry.

We first got in touch with Timberidge in May of 2019., once we were seriously considering a custom build. We had researched and contacted a few builders at the time and Mark was our first point of contact through the Timberidge website. Timberidge was on our radar from the beginning, as we had seen some renovation work through a friend.

From the very first email , Mark was open to all of our questions and concerns. He provided us with some literature, which helped answer some of the fundamental questions, but his help didn’t stop there. We didn’t even own the land yet, nor had we signed any contracts, but Mark was there for every phone call or email and even made time to attend prospective vacant lots with us.

Once we locked down our lot in spring of 2020, the communication continued. I cannot stress the importance of communication enough! Mark, Chris and Andy were ALWAYS keeping us up to date, answering calls/emails/texts, often within minutes. This was not the same for others. Some would respond days/weeks later or not at all.

What also stood apart from other contractors, was how much Mark encouraged us to do our research. Whether it was checking out other builders and talking to their clients, talking to Timberidge clients and most importantly, seeing the work for ourselves, he never pressured us to sign and let the work speak for itself.

We were fortunate enough that Timberidge had a spec house and it was there we really saw the potential of our dream home.

Then came the planning. Spring 2021, Timberidge had the shovel in the ground. There were many meetings, which Mark so graciously travelled to our location every time. There was a lot of conversation, questions and uncertainties with decision making, but they always helped guide us with patience and honesty. Mark , and the entire crew for that matter, tell it like it is!

Once we got into the planning and site visits, we got to meet with Andy and Chris often and see Dusty, Tyler and all the other contractors working hard. Mark had passed the torch, and we began having regular weekly walk throughs with Andy or Chris. We were introduced to the sub-contractors and were able to plan with them as well.

To say there were no mistakes or bumps along the way would be a lie. However, with every issue that arose, Timberidge was there. They worked as our advocate with the region and municipality, compromised when we ran into some contractual discrepencies, and continue to assist us with any concerns now that we have occupancy.

Thank you to the Timberidge crew for making our dream a reality. Look no further! These are your guys!

We are just finishing off a reno with Timberidge Carpentry and we are just blown away by the
level of craftmanship, accuracy, knowledge and patience these guys bring to the table.

The cherry on top is that they are ahead of schedule and under budget.

We reached out to 5 local contractors. One was a no show for their walk through and one
ended up never submitting a quote. Two of the contractors were fairly close in price. One was
astronomically higher and they left out major components such as countertops and
backsplashes. They also quoted MDF cabinets with wood doors for double what Timberidge’s
cabinet maker did for us in solid oak and maple.out absolutely fantastic thanks to the hard work of everyone involved and we look forward to enjoying for many years to come.


When we began shopping for our custom home builder, we asked a number of long-time friends (who work locally in trades) for recommendations. Timberidge came up time and time again as the best in the business. We found their honesty, flexibility, intuition, and attention to detail of great value during the whole process. They consistently went above and beyond what other builders would have done, used nothing but high quality materials, and engaged us on all aspects of the house to bring our vision to life. On top of that they didnt ask for a dime over the original budget and stayed on schedule despite being in the middle of a global pandemic. Were proud of our ``home grown`` house that helped support the local economy. It turned
out absolutely fantastic thanks to the hard work of everyone involved and we look forward to enjoying for many years to come.


Best Contractor for Home Renovation Project in Toronto

Hands down the best contractor for home renovation project in Toronto. We first approached Timberidge on the recommendation of a friend who had recently used them for her renovations and we were not disappointed. From the quality of the work to
the comments from neighbours about how friendly and unobtrusive the builders were, there are no shortage of positive comments to be made about our renovation project.

All major renovations will have their hiccups, but thanks to the expert handling of the team at Timberidge, ours were few and quickly remedied to keep things on track. When we have
been asked if we would recommend our contractors the answer has been, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic “Yes!“

Mike & Bill, Barker Ave. Toronto

On budget and on time

As a realtor, I have seen so many finished basements through the years. I have to say a lot of them weren’t properly finished. That’s why it took me a while to find the right company to get the job done for me. Fortunately, I came cross a home renovated by Timberidge Carpentry. I was very impressed by the quality of finishing. After interviewing a few companies, I hired Mark and his team. They got the job done on budget and on time. Now, I am so happy with my finished basement and feel so comfortable to give out their name. Thank you Mark and your team for a job well done! Keep up the good work. I will see you again for my future projects.

Rosy Zheng

Quality that is hard to find

Timberidge is quality that is hard to find and attention to detail that they truly stand behind. I took notice that other builders, who are family and friends all unanimously complimented the craftsmanship of my new home, the attention to detail, the cleanliness of site. I also noticed the common theme amongst the subcontractors I saw throughout the project; they always loved working on Chris and Andy’s jobs because of the quality and the organization. For all the quality that Timberidge delivers while on the tools it is matched by excellence in managing the construction process and subtrades. Timberidge sets a high standard which can only come from a sense of pride, these guys love what they do, and they do it well.

Brandon Geer

Complete Home Renovation

I hired Timberidge Carpentry to renovate my entire home during the summer of 2015. The job scope included everything, from underpinning, new shingles, interior framing up to and including the drywall. Timberidge and the crews have shown their highly professional capability in dealing with the construction as well as the permit matters. We are satisfied with this team’s workmanship. We highly recommend Timberidge Carpentry for any home renovation, addition or residential building project.

Pradit, Toronto

Excellent Workmanship

A couple of months have passed since you finished the renovations on this old house and I am very much enjoying the changes. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did. All my friends and family have raved about your excellent workmanship and attention to detail. The pine floors are just amazing and the new and restored drywall make the house unrecognizable, not to mention that there are no more hills and valleys in the old part of the house.

I know it was probably harder for you that I wasn’t around to consult all the time and I appreciate the effort you made to keep me in the loop. It made it possible for me to focus on getting well, knowing that you guys were totally trustworthy.

Please feel free to add me to your list of references and if you have anyone who would like to come out to see this project, let me know! Again, thanks Andrew, Chris and Mark for making my home so much more comfortable to live in!

Nancy, Manila, ON

Custom Decks, Framing, Custom Homes & Renovation

Over the past few years, Timberidge Carpentry has completed a multitude of framing and renovation projects, like custom decks, framing, renovations, etc., for Heritage Restoration. The professionalism and expertise of owners Chris and Andy Pinguet not only makes them extremely easy to work with, but also, leaves clients tremendously impressed. Be it the custom decks, framing of custom homes or countless renovations and addition projects that they have undertaken for us, expectations are always exceeded. Whether offering creative recommendations or simply following a pre-approved design, their workmanship and attention to detail are among the best found in the industry. Small or large, simple or complex, spectacular finished products simply represent the standard for Timberidge Carpentry.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chris Huntley - B.Comm - (416) 567-4522, Heritage Restoration

Basement Renovation

The Timberidge crew did a great job on my basement renovation. The quality of the work is excellent and they took the time to take care of all the little details which made the project so successful. I will have them back to build my new home when we are ready.

Donna, Uxbridge

Custom Home

As a previous purchaser of a brand new custom home built by Timberidge Carpentry, I would like to express my gratefulness for having the pleasure of living in such a wonderfully built home. The work that these guys do is not comparable to any home I have been in nor owned. Thank You Timberidge!!!

Carrie Sawyer-Burns

Custom Addition to Existing House

I would like to thank the team at Timberidge Carpentry for all the hard work that was put into the completion of custom addition to my existing home in Uxbridge. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with these fine men on a daily basis.

I do not hesitate to recommend Timberidge to anyone searching for a contractor. The building of the addition has gone smoothly, on schedule and precisely on budget. Timberidge, along with the sub contractors who worked on my home kept the site very clear. They were all professional and an absolute pleasure to meet.

The quality of work that went into the construction was very impressive. I could not have expected more and am so very happy with the results. On a more personal level, Chris and Andrew were an absolute pleasure to see arriving each morning. Along with Tyler, they were open, honest, friendly and prepared to answer any questions I had regarding the build. Questions were thoroughly answered and explained in a manner I could understand.

It is bittersweet having my home now completed but at the same time my working relationship with Andy & Chris and all the Timberidge team on a professional level has come to an end.

I strongly and confidently recommend Timberidge Carpentry. They are certainly everything you are looking for in a builder.

Job completed-July 2017the comments from neighbours about how friendly and unobtrusive the builders were, there are no shortage of positive comments to be made about our renovation project.

All major renovations will have their hiccups, but thanks to the expert handling of the team at Timberidge, ours were few and quickly remedied to keep things on track. When we have
been asked if we would recommend our contractors the answer has been, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic “Yes!“

Pia & Greg Betz

Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and Bathroom Reno

I was very pleased with every aspect of work Timberidge Carpentry provided. These guys were very professional. Their quality of work was excellent. They were courteous, and stayed every night to clean up before they left. Everything went very smoothly and I highly recommend Timberidge Carpentry. I will definitely be calling them when I am ready to finish the rest of my renos. Well done Andy and Chris.

Denise, Uxbridge

Home Renovation: In-Law Suite

When my daughter and I decided to renovate her Century home in Uxbridge and build a separate “in-law” suite for me to live in, our biggest challenge was choosing the right contractor to do the work. Fortunately, one of the local companies we interviewed was Timberidge Carpentry. Timberidge was the only contractor who took the time to discuss our project in length, work through the design phase with us and ultimately give us a detailed quote. We duly signed them up to do the job and it was the best decision we could have made.

The start date was scheduled late May with a finish date of first week in August. I moved in on August 5th. From start to finish, the job was extremely well managed. We were always kept informed of progress and when we encountered unforeseen issues, solutions were found and whenever possible completed within budget, and even though we added a lot of “extras” to the scope of work every effort was made to meet the completion deadline.

Timing and budget is one thing, but the best part of this experience is the finished result. IT IS FANTASTIC! The Timberidge team and the sub-contractors they use are first class and I would highly recommend anyone contemplating home renovations and/or building an extension to use this company.

I have told Mark and the twins that anyone who wants to look at the finished job, they are welcome to come round to see for themselves.

Jan, Uxbridge

The Timberidge Carpentry team delivered on their promise of building a master-level quality balcony for our townhome that was practical for our setting while visually stunning. They listened, and followed through to our requests in the design process and attention to detail throughout the entire build was superior. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product — especially when sitting on our balcony with a morning coffee — and would recommend their service to anyone wanting a trusted, reliable and quality builder.


Timberidge Carpentry renovated my basement and created a beautiful modern laundry room. They replaced an old drop tile ceiling and faulty lighting with a smooth ceiling and pot lights; and they built a closet to enclose a support beam. The laundry room was an add-on to the project which they fit into their schedule and completed to perfection. They built and repaired damaged walls, added baseboards and trim, fixed 3 existing doors that didn’t close properly, installed flooring and carpet, painted everything, etc. I was impressed with their high quality workmanship, attention to detail and professionalism. I am very happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Marilyn from Uxbridge

Exterior Siding & Trim

We wanted to change the exterior siding & trim, Timberidge Carpentry took our vision and concept and turned it into reality both on budget and
schedule. Our new addition to our old home has a flawless transition and looks like it was
always there.
The quality of the work and the attention to detail on trimming the windows was excellent.
Andrew, from Timberidge was able to take our concepts on the trim and put together a design
that we were very happy with as well as blending it to match the décor of the existing home.
We are extremely happy with the work that was done, the attention to detail and the timely
fashion in which the work was done. We would not hesitate to recommend Timberidge
Carpentry for residential renovations.

Chris & Nicole