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A Clean Slate: Home Demolition and Rebuilding

  If you plan to gut and reconstruct your home, you need an experienced contractor who has handled many home demolition and rebuilding projects in the past. An experienced contractor knows what to expect and will be able to deal with the challenges that come up during demolition of a home. At Timberidge Carpentry, our expert crews handle the demolition, framing and tie in to the existing structure; with our experience in these projects, we

The A to Z list of remodeling

Add value to your home by building for your neighborhood. Budget realistically. Make sure to factor in labor costs. Contractors are there to use their expertise and skills to save you time and hassle in every step of your project. Doorways should allow for the likely traffic and have proper width and height. Electrical systems should be upgraded during a remodel, both for code and for safety. Fixtures in small bathrooms should be of appropriate dimensions. Bigger here is not better. Green materials are a future